Raspberry Pi Pico

All you need to get started on your own projects are a few low-cost Picos plus some prototyping boards and jumper wires.

Unless you are happy to use a soldering iron choosing a Pico with pre-built headers is a good idea. 

If your project is based on the Pico W, an original Pico can be used as the debugging probe and now you will find Pico Debugging probes commercially available.

You also find a logic analyzer handy and to build the projects outlined in the book some specific sensors, servos and motors.  Luckily all of these  items are readily available from Amazon.com and if you make a purchase via these links you won't pay any extra and we'll get a few cents.
Just click on the product pictures or text links to go direct to the product. 


Raspberry Pi Pico W


DVOZVO 4Pack Raspberry Pi Pico W with Pre-Soldered Headers


Vilros Raspberry Pi Pico W Project Starter Kit


Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040

available as single, 2-pack or 3-pack

C4Labs Zebra Pico W Case 

available as single or 3-pack




Tools, Sensors, etc