Programmer’s Python: Everything is an Object
Second Edition

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Programmer's Python: Everything IAn Object sets out to explain the deeper logic in the approach that Python 3 takes to classes and objects. The subject is roughly speaking everything to do with the way Python implements objects. That is, in order of sophistication, metaclass; class; object; attribute; and all of the other facilities such as functions, methods and the many “magic methods” that Python uses to make it all work. This expanded second edition uses Visual Studio Code and has an Appendix on how to use it with Python.

From Amazon customer reviews of the first edition

Thought Provoking and Intuitive”

I would definitely recommend having a programming background, and to have at least a little knowledge of Python before giving this a read. However, the theory in this book is readily applicable, and highly revealing to the purpose and magic of Python.”

Great read. Wish there were more programming books like this.”

The best thing I like about it is the approach. It shows how an object is defined in Python - and its internals - and then shows how things like, classes, modules, functions, etc. are basically all derived from this and how this structure explains many of the nuances of the language (like why globals need to be declared explicitly, etc.).”

The book is well structured and with many examples. It leads you by the hand through Python with special focus on the 'magic' methods and how you can utilize them in your coding. Recommendable.”

This is a fairly advanced book in the sense that you are expected to know basic Python. However, it tries to explain the ideas using the simplest examples possible. As long as you can write a Python program, and you have an idea what object-oriented programming is about, it should all be understandable and, as important, usable. This is not a cookbook and there are no complete examples of real programs – that’s your assignment. This is also a focused book in the sense that there are large parts of Python it doesn’t cover. For example, it doesn’t deal with program structure, concurrency and data structures - these are covered in companion volumes.

Mike James has had a long career as a programmer and has mastered many programming languages. He is the founder and chief editor of I-Programmer, the online magazine written by programmers for programmers and the author of dozens of books.

His latest book is Programmer's Python: Everything Is Data and his other titles include Deep C#JavaScript JemsProgrammer’s Guide to KotlinProgrammer’s Guide To Theory and The Trick Of The Mind: Programming and Computational Thought.


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